What Every Customer Wants

Word-of-mouth advertising, as we all know, is the most powerful form of advertising. So how do we generate this powerful form of marketing? By creating a customer experience worth talking about. In order to help you do this, I’ve listed for you the top ten things that every customer wants.

1. Convenience
You may think that because you’re the cheapest business in town that you’ll automatically succeed. A good price will help you in the beginning, but if your customers have to jump through hoops just to do business with you, you’ll find that you’ll have no returning customers and it will be time to close shop.

2. Respect
People want to feel like you value their concerns and time. To help show respect for your customers, be genuinely concerned when your customer(s) has a problem. Don’t turn the issue into something bigger than it is, but don’t undermine their concerns either.

3. Can-Do Attitude
Few things are more irritating to me personally than when I walk into a business and it immediately becomes clear that the employees are not interested in helping me. On the other hand, nothing is more impressive to me than when an employee goes the extra mile to help get me something or to answer a simple question.

4. Honesty
Being completely honest with your customers is key. Make them feel like they can trust your every word and that they really are getting the best deal in town.

5. Skilled Service
Make sure all of your employees are well-trained. It reflects poorly on the plumber, for example, for him to have to constantly call up asking for advice over the phone while he is on the job site — which happens to be your home. Besides taking up much more of your day than a more experienced plumber would (again, respecting your time), you may feel even less confident in the job he performed which could cause you to think twice before calling that same company back for any other future plumbing needs.

6. Speed
Have you ever ordered something online and wondered if you were ever going to get that order? Make it a goal to have faster response time than any other business. Put your customers on hold far less or for less amounts of time. In any way possible, always seek to speed up your processes without losing value.

7. Appreciation
Everyone loves to feel appreciated. There are several ways you can do this, but the best way, in my opinion, is to simply tell them in person (if possible) immediately after they purchase from you.

8. A Little Extra
Not every customer is necessarily looking for something a little extra, but over-delivering on your promises and guarantees goes a lot further than what you might realize.

9. Availability
In the world of convenience and always getting what we want right now, nothing has become more irritating to people than calling a business and no one answering the phone, or sending an email to customer service and not getting a prompt response. Always make you and your business available as much as possible.

10. A Fair Price
Pricing isn’t the most important factor for a business’ success. In fact, it’s not even in the top three! However, being heavily overpriced will Always strive to have competitive prices.


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