About ion360

ion360 is a team of expert designers, technologist and strategist. We are smart, curious and tireless — filled with high energy and intensely involved with our colleagues, families and friends (we are the bomb!).  The ion360 team gets a blast out of looking under every rock and in every crevice to uncover surprising insights that at first seem to have nothing to do with the inquiries we receive and the projects we’re given. But that’s what gets our cranial juices flowing…and leads to unexpected ideas and creative solutions that go far beyond what our clients ever thought was possible.

We bring the same curiosity and inquisitiveness to your project that we bring to everything we do. Specifically, we solve your business challenges with intelligence, creativity and strategic thinking to buff up their image, increase their revenues, delight their customers and grow their market share. We consider both the realities of the market and the defining elements of your operating environments in order to deliver compelling communications using smart technology platforms. This is our unique total company approach to building successful brands. Learn about our 360strategy.

ion360 strategy map

ion360 strategy map


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