steve jobs: billion dollar hippy

Steve Jobs, one of the most successful and creative innovators of the century was….a hippy?
Yes, you heard that correctly.
Steve was a big tripper and he attributes a lot of his creativity and innovative powers to psychedelics.
Steve was also big into zen meditation.
Steve says taking LSD was one of the “most important things of his life.”

Steve Jobs: The Billion Dollar Hippy
Now if you have been conditioned to believe that psychedelics are harmful and make people go crazy, this may seem a little nuts.
However, if you have done some independent research on psychedelics and maybe experimented yourself, you probably have realized already that all the propaganda that has been flooded into your brain is completely false.
Why is this?
It is because our government can’t have millions of people like Steve Jobs wandering it’s streets because they would have already been out of power.
I invite you today to sit down and watch this documentary that BBC has put together on Steve.
It is one of the best documentaries I have seen to date, and is certainly worth the hour of your time!


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