Adding features is NOT always innovative!

Companies that struggle with innovation often make up for it by adding features to existing products. They succumb to “feature creep” – the gradual and continuous addition of features and functions though nothing is truly new. While it may look improved, the added features make your product more complex, difficult to use, and more costly to produce. Over time, your core customers abandon you.

Here is an example – the Numi toilet by Kohler. At $6400, it is promoted as the top-of-the-line toilet with lots of high-tech bells and whistles:

Custom bidet – User can control pressure, temperature and angle.
Tankless design; dual flush
Motion Sensor Lid – After 90 seconds of no movement, the toilet will close.
Seat warmer
Foot warmer – A vent beneath the bowl blows hot air to warm your feet and the cold tile beneath them.
Automatic seat – For male users, a motion sensor is activated by foot and causes the seat to rise and then lower when you’re away.
LED lit back panel – Frosted glass is lit in an energy-efficient way.
MP3 hook-up – So you never have to be without your music.
Remote control – This touch-screen pad lets the user control all of these features from a wireless control.
A flat white surface designed for easy cleaning.


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